Kubota Diesel Powered

Diesel powered units can be powered from their Kubota engine or from hangar power (single or three phase) and there are many sizes available.  Please review the specification page by clicking on the photo above to see what size may be the best fit.

Gasoline (Petrol) Powered

Gasoline powered units for Ramp Only (page 2 on spec sheet), or units that can be powered from either their small engine or hangar power (page 1 on spec sheet). Please review the specification sheet by clicking on the photo above to see what size is the best fit for your organization. Gasoline units that can also be powered from the hangar are now again available in any quantity.

Hangar Powered

Hangar powered units can be powered from either single or three phase power. Please review the specifications page to see what is the best fit.

Some of BatesField GPU customers

About Us

Our superior method of manufacturing is why so many customers prefer our units over our competitor's units. Our method means lower cost to the customer both initially and over a long term. You could purchase our superior units for much less than HOBART Jet-X would cost. Our most difficult job in marketing this type of unit is convincing potential clients that these units perform as promised for such a low price, since some have never experienced anything other than the older dinosaur style of ENGINE POWERED GPU's.


Our Products

Types of units available include both engine & hangar powered units. Please contact us after you have reviewed the features of our different products here. We want to be your provider of DC aviation ground power equipment.

We are Center of USA

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